Product Spotlight
6th Sep 2010Posted in: Product Spotlight
URC MX-980

The MX-980 is a powerful wand-style custom control designed to advance the state of the art of Home Theater programming and integration. The MX980 is programmed to meet the expectations of your system. Each remote is customized to meet your needs as an end user.

The MX980′s unique synergies automate and simplify operation of even the most complex home systems. Its many highlights include a big, bright color LCD display, a rechargable battery and docking station, Narrow Band RF capability, and seamless integration with other control devices.

WATCH and LISTEN buttons on the MX-980 display activities users can control. When a user wants to watch something else (a DVD, a videotape or an HDTV broadcast), he or she simply presses the WATCH button and selects the new activity. When a user wants to listen to the radio or a CD, he or she touches LISTEN. Then, with the press of the button, the MX-980 automates the entire routine of turning on components, selecting inputs and favorites, even resetting the lights to the optimum scene for the selected activity.

$599.95 + Programming