Home Theater – Home theater systems are usually installed in living rooms, great rooms, family rooms and recreational rooms. The rooms are usually multi-purpose and are not used for just viewing movies. A home theater system consists of five to seven speakers placed in the room with an additional subwoofer. Along with the speakers, a receiver or separate components will power the speakers and make them come to life.

Dedicated Home Theater – Dedicated home theater systems are usually installed into rooms that specialize in the function of viewing movies. These rooms will can contain High Definition projectors, over 100 inches of screen, and uncompromised sound. Home theater seating, acoustic implementations, and remote controlled lighting can really make the home theater experience feel like an actual “movie theater.”

Automated Music Systems – Music systems allow you to listen to music anywhere in your house.  We provide the Sonos music system which allows you to stream music from your iPad and iPhone, as well as services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Last FM, iHeart Radio, Spotify and more.

Distributed Audio System – Distributed audio systems allow you to listen to music through out your house. Basic distributed audio systems include speakers in each room with their own volume control.  More elaborate systems will allow each room to listen to its own source at the same time. Also, the your system will allow you to control certain aspects of the system from the room, such as changing a track on a CD or changing radio channel.

Distributed Video System – Distributed video systems allow you to have all of your cable boxes, BluRay Player, and Appletv’s in a centrally located area just as a basement utility room, or AV Closet.  These cables boxes and other components can then be played on TV’s throughout the house.  This eliminates the need to have equipment in each room and also eliminates the need to have a cable box in each room to enjoy a high definition picture.  We use Just Add Power video system.

CCTV System – Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems allow you to place cameras around the perimeter and inside your house. The cameras can be viewed from any TV’s in the house or only a select few.

Home Networking – Home networking allows you to access the internet and other computers from any place inside you house, wired or wirelessly.  Our wireless networking systems allow us to put several access points, or antennas, throughout your house to provide you with great coverage.  With most of today’s systems requiring a network connection, rock solid wifi has never been more important.  We do networking systems from Cisco, Ubiquiti, and Aruba.

Cable/Satellite Systems – High Definition Television systems from the Time Warner Cable, and Direct TV can be installed to provide maximum picture quality.

Retail Sales - At Mt. Lookout Television, we a have full showroom, and a dedicated listening room. We sell many different consumer electronics, and if we don’t have something you are looking for, we can probably get it.

Service Department – We have a full service department, and are an authorized self servicing dealer for Sony and LG. Our service department also services other makes and models. If you have a problem with any piece of equipment you purchased form us, we can service it.