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4th Dec 2012Posted in: Product Spotlight
Aruba Networks
Aruba Networks provides you with a managed solution to wireless internet.    The Aruba Access points will communicate with your devices to determine which access point they should be connected to.  As you move throughout your house, the Aruba Access points will switch with your device always making sure you have the best signal possible.  This hand-off happens instanteously, where as a non managed system this process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on network traffic and range.  This allows you to be able to use the Sonos App, On Controls App, Lutron Lighting System, Netflix, etc, as you walk throughout your house and never lose wifi.

Adapative Radio Management is built into every Aruba Access Point.  Each access point communicates with each other to determine what they need to do to combat interference, signal dropouts, and channel strength.  If interference in the house occurs, then the Aruba system will instantly adjust to combat the interference and provide you with the best wifi possible.  Adaptive Radio Management allows us to come in and setup the network, and there is no maintenance.  We set it up and you never see us again.

Aruba’s Instant Software also will automatically configure itself making sure all of the Access Points are on the optimun channel, and providing you with the best signal possible.  The configuration takes about 80% less time that most other systems.

Nowadays, almost all of your components rely on the network.  BluRay Players, Smart TV, Netflix, Sonos, Surround Sound Receivers and On Controls all plug into the network.  With Aruba, you can control your Sonos and On Controls while walking throughout your house seamlessly.  No drop outs, and your iPhone and iPad will change between access points instantly.

Here’s some videos for more info:
How Aruba reacts to WiFi Interference

Comparing Video Performance on Aruba

Configuring an Aruba Network faster than you can make toast